Producing efficient and sustainable waste management solutions to help bring down the carbon footprint



Using our non-profit handles to help crowdfund for children's education and various other groups, events, and causes.



Using state-of-the-art technology to produce an intricate “pay me revolution’ where consumers are empowered.

Our Aerobic Bioreactor eliminates current landfills No more contaminating our/mother earth’s atmosphere or the water table.

Our patented process is called the “Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System" (ALBS) it is recognized by USEPA, and we have also been certified by the United Nations (UN) as CDM Methodology Number “AM0083".

We immediately impact communities by drastically lowering the community's carbon footprint.

Each landfill eliminated is like removing 300,000 vehicles off the road.

The average landfill is 33 acres, holds 1 million tons of garbage, and puts off 1.2 million tons of Methane Gas.

Methane Gas is 23 X stronger than CO2. We eliminate over 95% with our Aerobic Bioreactor

Our Aerobic Bioreactor also eliminates 100% of the contamination getting into our water tables and there is no smell to the landfill.



The New Green Deal Corporation and consortium is led by teams of professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience. Expertise that spans industries and the entire business management

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Sustainable Landfills


Crowdfunding for Children’s Education


Reduction of Waste Related Carbon Footprint

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Most Valuable Insurance

A captive insurance product, called Most Valuable Insurance, cannot be found with any other insurer! This is macro-priced insurance coverage for children and their families.


Ncog Defi

A decentralized exchange that uses cutting-edge blockchain applications to revolutionize the data industry and help consumers get paid for their data by treating data like a commodity


We are saving the planet

Nothing is more important than your CHILD

"To protect a parent's most valuable investment - Their Children and the community's most valuable investment - Its Children's Future, The Planet"

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